Organic King Tut Strain

This is one of the finest sativa’s we have got our hands on here at BC Bud Guide. King Tut is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain that gets its name from the famous Tutankhamon. A notorious Pharaoh of ancient Egypt, this is a strain fit for a ruler of an empire. The massive beautiful buds are indeed king sized flowers of joy. The inhale of this organic flower is smooth and pleasant. The effect of this strain is what’s needed to run any good empire, energizing and cerebral. For this reason it is a go to for us creative types here at BC Bud Guide. It takes a lot of create THC soaked fuel to come up with these reviews. We are very happy to be enjoying a sunny day here in July puffing on this majestic strain.

You can purchase organic King Tut strain here.

Happy 420!

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Vancouver’s iconic 420 protest. What began as a small public smoke out at Victory Square, has transformed into a sprawling event, taking over one of Vancouver’s most beloved parks. With the announcement of a huge headlining act and the ever expanding weed market, online message boards have been rife with heated debate about the validity of the protest going into the future.

The Gas Town Riots broke out on August 7th 1971, as a result of the police breaking up a
” Smoke In” protest by local hippies that’d been squatting in various Gas Town warehouses.

Hemp For Victory!

Jack Herer tracked down a copy of ” Hemp for Victory”, after many years of the United Sates government denying it existence.